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Release of AI4Agri Dissemination Materials

We are pleased to announce the release of new dissemination materials from the Erasmus+ AI4Agri project, including flyers, posters, and banners available in English, Polish, Swedish, and Greek. These materials are designed to raise awareness of our initiatives and to help stakeholders and the general public understand the potential impact of AI in agriculture. We encourage you to explore, download, and share these resources within your networks.

AI4Agri Flyer_EN
Download PDF • 375KB

AI4Agri Flyer_PL
Download PDF • 390KB

AI4Agri Flyer_SE
Download PDF • 380KB

AI4Agri Flyer_GR
Download PDF • 415KB

AI4Agri Poster_EN
Download PDF • 254KB

AI4Agri Poster_PL
Download PDF • 258KB

AI4Agri Poster_SE
Download PDF • 256KB

AI4Agri Poster_GR
Download PDF • 268KB

AI4Agri Banner_ΕΝ
Download PDF • 646KB

AI4Agri Banner_PL
Download PDF • 649KB

AI4Agri Banner_SE
Download PDF • 648KB

AI4Agri Banner_GR
Download PDF • 660KB

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