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First results of the AI4Agri Erasmus+ project! 

Dive into the forefront of agricultural innovation with our freshly published national reports for Poland, Greece, Sweden, and Cyprus. These comprehensive reports delve into crucial aspects shaping the future of agriculture:

1️⃣ Agriculture Policies in the EU: Gain insights into the regulatory landscape governing agriculture in the EU.

2️⃣ AI Policies in the EU: Discover the policies shaping the integration of AI in EU.

3️⃣ Adaptation at National Contexts: Explore how AI and agricultural technologies are being adapted to diverse national contexts.

4️⃣ National Legislation Frameworks: Understand the legislative frameworks influencing agricultural innovation at the national level.

5️⃣ AI Technologies & Applications in Agriculture Industry: Dive into the latest AI technologies and their applications revolutionizing the agriculture industry.

6️⃣ Pedagogical Practices and Trainings: Learn about innovative pedagogical practices and training programs driving knowledge dissemination in agricultural AI.

Check the section "Results" of our website!

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