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Kick-Off Meeting of AI4AGRI project in Nicosia, Cyprus

Updated: Jan 31

The AI4Agri project is officially in motion! The kick-off meeting was hosted by omnia yesterday in Nicosia, Cyprus, bringing together 5 dynamic partners from 4 different countries.

During the meeting the partnership laid the foundation for the project implementation and set the stage for the following steps.

We outlined the roadmap for the project through our Work Packages:

WP1️⃣: Project Management

WP2️⃣: Connecting AI with Agricultural sector: current status and needs assessment

WP3️⃣: Development & Delivery of AI4Agri Training

WP4️⃣: Exploiting AI use in agriculture & Policy recommendations

WP5️⃣: AI4Agri Outreach activities

Stay tuned for the next steps!

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